Finding Inspiration in Düsseldorf

by Charley Zimmerman

Old Vines owners Rick and Jon have just returned from their trip to Germany, where they attended the 2017 Euroshop. Held in Düsseldorf, an international business and financial hub, Euroshop is a trade fair for the retail industry that has been running for the past fifty-one years. A mixture of design and vendor showcases, the fair holds sixteen halls of innovation in interior and architectural design, including lighting, display technology, point-of-purchase technology, and furniture and restaurant equipment. Euroshop is an opportunity for industry leaders around the world to show their imagination and vision for the future of retail, while showcasing products that are available today. 



How does this relate to Old Vines?

A recurring theme of Euroshop is enabling retailers and restaurants to connect emotionally and digitally with their customers in order to create the best possible experience. "Kind of like theater," says Jon Ellms, because both the trade fair and Old Vines aim to create a guest experience that is unique, exciting, and sophisticated.

"Euroshop is about improving the customer experience, which is a particular challenge for large businesses like hotels and restaurant chains," says Ellms. "Being a small restaurant, that isn't exactly our challenge -- however, it's still a great spot to get inspired and bring back a few great ideas to make Old Vines even better for our customers." Euroshop is, simply put, design and innovation for the sake of design and innovation; reason to be inspired and creative back here in our own sphere. It is a reminder that there are amazing, creative minds all over the globe; it is our inspiration to keep evolving.